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Monday, March 28, 2022

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Girls who have been Trafficked and Christian based rehab centers for women

 Here's to finding true love, beginning with God's true love for us! It does not take anyone else for a woman to know her worth in order to have a fulfilling life. My book 'Happiness No Man Required' is not at all against good men or against true love. It is about not settling for less.

My book Happiness No Man Required--50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man has now been sent to teens and young women who have been trafficked in FL and Chicago and to more crisis pregnancy centers here in FL. It will hopefully soon be used at a Christian-based rehab home for women who are battling anorexia and eating disorders.

I just got a new testimonial from a beautiful woman who read my book. I am sharing it with her permission:

“It is truly as though you read my mind somehow. I’ve been working through it slowly so as the tips have time to sort of ‘marinate’ with me while I slowly take in the stories and info. Some of your wisdom really supports something that I’ve been going through for a couple of years now that I’d been getting a little anxious over. What I’m talking about specifically is my abstinence from any physical/emotional intimacy with men since 2019. Since I am only 31, I started wondering if I was being too picky or too much of a prude, regarding giving myself to any of the men who have come my way. After reading the info about the 90day detox from oxytocin, I feel completely supported in my listening to my ‘gut’ and not having settled for any of the contenders I knew weren’t right for me. There have even been a few instances over the last couple of years wherein God intervened and insured I did not impulsively make a decision and wind up attached to someone my heart knew wasn’t right for me. I have always been protective of my heart, and it has led to a fuller, truer love for myself that I believe still needs development before I find myself seeking wholeness in a relationship. Here’s to being all I need, and ultimately having much more to offer someone else!”

Now that more of life is opening up, I am waiting to hear back from a crisis pregnancy center in the greater Sarasota area and home for unwed mothers that may give me the pleasure of sharing my tips for women in person with them. All of this is in partnership with my nonprofit, Lighting the Way. All proceeds go to my nonprofit, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and .


Monday, December 13, 2021

Singing and Speaking at Event Next Year for "eWomen"

I just got booked to speak and sing next February at an event for women called "eWomen," an international networking event for single women with an emphasis on helping single mothers. Amy works with single mothers who have kids with disabilities. We are expecting one hundred women to come from all over the world. I will share my tips from my book Happiness No Man Required and sing at this event here in the Brentwood/Franklin, TN, area next year. I love encouraging women, and I really look forward to this!

Pictured below is Amy Karaman, the founder of eWomen and my other fabulous single girlfriends, who were here from Sarasota, at Bourbon Steak in downtown Nashville, as we are making the most out of life, meeting lots of new people and loving every minute of it! Even though I am moving soon to Sarasota, FL, I will be back to speak, sing and record more songs. I also love "my kids" in the projects and will be back to check on them. Sarasota feels like the best base for me at this time. It is currently my favorite city. It has an international airport, and I plan to keep traveling a lot. Here's to every fresh season and God doing something new!


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Happy Fall

HERE is the latest with me, book signings and work this fall. I am making the most of every day and thankful for gifts that money cannot buy. With the delta variant of covid on the rise, have a healthy fall, everyone. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Book Signings, Singing, Speaking, Songwriting, my Nonprofit and Health Coaching

 I have some speaking engagements scheduled to share my tips for women from my book Happiness No Man Required, including an international event for women in Sept. That being said, at this point, thanks to the covid delta variant on the rise again, everything is tentative pertaining to these book signings and singing and speaking engagements.

I spoke yesterday here in Nashville in Green Hills at a private event, and both men and women enjoyed hearing my tips for healthy dating. Both single men and women got my book. Here is a review from Thrive Blog/Huffington Post, as well as more information via this Thrive Blog/Huffington Post Interview .

I am also staying busy daily with health coaching. It is rewarding, as I have three clients who are losing so much weight through intermittent fasting and eating for insulin levels, that these women are the ones inspiring me! For more information, go to my health coaching web site HERE.

I am looking forward to resuming the recording for my next release, as all of my songs have now been written. However, that is on hold due to vaccine mandates for the studio where we want to record with some musicians working with me being vaccinated and some not wanting the vaccine. We will finish it when the time is right, and I plan to co-produce it with Tim Crouch, just like my last album, "Mountain Music." I am loving all of the new music.


This photo below was taken last week , as I am continuing to make the most of every day, pandemic or no pandemic. I have never been sick and have yet to even have to take a covid test, and this is nothing I take for granted. I am staying busy making the most of every day!

I'm also working weekly with underprivileged children in my Character Counts Club in the projects of East Nashville, telling these sweet kids about Jesus. My life continues to be happy and fulfilled! For updates on the work of my nonprofit, go to my web site HERE.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Back to Book Signings after Pandemic

We made it through the pandemic, and now I am getting back to book signings!

This coming winter, when I get back to Sarasota, FL (my winter home), I will be much busier than before with speaking engagements to women about my book. I look forward to my early mornings, walking miles on the beach and praying as I walk about each day, but it is looking like there will not be time for anything else in the mornings, as I will be speaking to women on my tips for happiness —from nonprofits like Crisis Pregnancy Centers to civic clubs. I look forward to these book signings, which I am already setting up in FL. I am already shipping books for them.

Caveat: My book ‘Happiness No Man Required’ is not against good men but in support of love that is real and all about God’s faithfulness when we live for Him. It is about a healthy life overflowing with confidence that only God’s love can give, which enables us to then know love that is true and lasting with someone else.

A review on Happiness No Man Required--50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man from Huffington Post is HERE.

Monday, July 15, 2019

New Testimonial and discounted for Amazon Prime Day

Well, it is Amazon Prime Day today and tomorrow (July 15th and 16th), and my book for women (and really anyone who is struggling with contentment, as men read it also) has been drastically reduced in price for this sale. Maybe you know of someone who needs a little lift and encouragement, even if that someone is you! 

Here is a testimonial from a friend who read it this summer. She has given me permission to share what she wrote.

"Dear Dwayna, As you know I picked up your book for [a friend] and began reading it on my way home. I couldn’t put it down and finished all but the last couple chapters and told my niece who is fifteen about it, who is just starting to date someone, that she needs to read it too! It’s excellent with so many helpful tips to pass on to others and so much wisdom and lessons learned that could bless every woman and save many from needless heartache! Amazing how many experiences you have had and now God can use each one to help others! ...I must say, I have been through many of the same...and thankful that these experiences teach get to know a man’s character before anything else. It’s a dangerous and toxic world out there without the Lord and a big dose of discernment! Thanks for writing such an inspiring book." --Suzi Young

This makes for a unique and meaningful birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day gift, if you would like to stock up now. HERE it is on my blog with a link to where it is available on Amazon.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

New Testimonial

The book is AMAZING. I find it difficult to put it down. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in this way. --L. Rodriguez, Orlando, FL