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Sunday, November 13, 2022


…I’m so glad I bought your book—a real page turner! I’ve learned so much and forgiven myself of so many mistakes. Now I know how to better take care of myself in the future. Thanks for be so transparent.  Elizabeth, Los Angeles

Thank you, Dwayna, for how you’ve changed so many lives in the world, including mine. I love you. God really put you in my life for a reason! Becky, Richmond, VA

A great read for anyone, married or single. I’m married, and Dwayna’s tips helped me. Anyone who reads it will benefit. Elaine, NYC

I read your book in one sitting. I could not put it down. Mitzi, Palm Beach

You were writing my story! Paige, Knoxville

The tips work. The homework is life-changing!  Mindy, Charlotte

I had to write to tell you what your book has meant to my life. I have always been a magnet for problem men. Now I have a plan to take care of myself. –Karen, Dallas

I’ve recommended your book to my friends in NYC. Nina, NYC

Life changing hope! Nitzia, Atlanta

Dear Dwayna, As you know I picked up your book for a friend and began reading it on my way home. I couldn’t put it down and finished all but the last couple chapters and told my niece Lily who is 15 and just starting to date someone that she needs to read it too! It’s excellent with so many helpful tips to pass on to others and so much wisdom and lessons learned that could bless every woman and save many from needless heartache! Amazing how many experiences you have had and now God can use each one to help others! Isn’t God good? I must say, I have been through many of the same and wrote a song out of my heartache too and thankful that these experiences teach us not to go near the fires of temptation and to warn others how important it is to guard our hears and take time to get to know a man’s character before anything else. It’s a dangerous and toxic world out there without the Lord and a big dose of discernment!
Thanks for writing such an inspiring book. –Susan Young, La Palma, CA

I had to share about this amazing woman we met up with at the 2018 National Down Syndrome Conference last month. Her current book is entitled ‘Happiness - No Man Required.’ It might seem strange for a happily married woman to share out about this book, but I can tell you that I wish I’d had it in my twenties, after a series of “not-so-great” relationships. A wonderful read for any woman struggling with being single. Not only a gifted writer, there’s not much this woman doesn’t do! As a health coach, she helps others see the benefit of eating right and exercising. She runs her own non-profit, Lighting The Way, that works to help the needy internationally. A gifted singer, she’s recorded in a number of genres, including Jazz, Country, Pop and Christian music. Her book, and music, are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We loved meeting Dwayna and seeing her passion for the Down syndrome community. Wishing you more success and hope to see you again soon, Dwayna! -- Jenn, Seattle

Thrive Global/Huffington Post Interview 

Thrive Global Blog/Huffington Post book review for Dwayna’s book for single women Happiness: No Man Required–50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

"Precious Memories" (by Dwayna Litz)

 My song, "Precious Memories" from my Mountain Music album is now on YouTube here:

My Book to Underprivileged, Teen Girls

 I was scheduled to speak and sing to a large group of underprivileged, teen girls on my tips for women from my book ‘Happiness No Man Required—50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man’ (not at all against good men, marriage or truly falling in love) in the Orlando area this week, but it got cancelled due to the hurricane. I am shipping them a box of my books, so each girl can have one for free. The Christian organization is called "Glorious Hands." They meet each Wednesday night at a church in the Sanford, FL, area, and this wonderful ministry keeps growing. I am so glad to be part of it, as these teen girls are rising above and finding purpose through jobs and serving others. Many were raised in crime-filled projects. I look forward to learning more about the girls. I was also scheduled to share my testimony and sing at the Ocala Women's Prison (the largest women's prison in FL), but that also got cancelled due to hurricane Nicole. 

I have attached photos from my previous book signings, as I had them coast to coast. (Photos from Atlanta, NY and TN). Men have also bought it for their daughters and love it! It is all about knowing our worth, so that we can recognize true love when it comes our way for real and know the difference. 

Dwayna Litz

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

About Dwayna Litz

Dwayna penned her uplifting, self-help book for women Happiness No Man Required 50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man for women to know their worth. She began traveling as an author and speaker after it was released in 2016, giving inspiration to women from all walks of life with Barnes and Noble book signings and book signings and speaking engagements at women's conferences all over America. With her testimony of strength offered through her 50 tips, each tip is illustrated by true stories about the men she has dated, lessons she has learned, and how God has been faithful through it all.  Dwayna ends her speaking with her song, “I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again,” about coming full circle in healing through the beauty of every season of life and all things working out for good, thanks to God's faithfulness.

With more women single than married in America today, Happiness No Man Required by Dwayna Litz has a much needed message with 50 Tips teaching women how to feel complete and whole, with or without a man. Happiness No Man Required is not a man-basher but an honest portrayal of what women face in today’s dating scene, compassionately encouraging women to realize that being single or married does not have to be a distortion of their dreams coming true. Dwayna’s tips include Know the Difference Between Love and Love Addiction; Hitler Was Charming, Too; Give Yourself 90 Days to Detox; Count Your Blessings; Leave Mr. Wrong Without Gaining Weight; Happiness=Compatibility in Character; It’s a Trap if You Are Trying to Save Him; Beware of Online Dating; A Crazy Man Will Make You Crazy; How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day Without a Man; Good Men Still Exist; Do a Background Check; Hold On to Your Money; An Abuser Will Still Be Abusive Even if You are Perfect; Beware of Dangerous Men in Church; You Are the Prize, and Happiness Happens When You Least Expect It. The page turner resonates with women of all ages and backgrounds. Women laugh and cry as their hearts are touched listening to her testimony of God's love.

 Happiness No Man Required praises true love and good men, teaching women how to know the difference between the good men and the bad and love vs. love addiction. Litz cheers single women on living in a postmodern age where the label of being called an Old Maid has become antiquated. Her tips offer healing to women suffering from depression, anxiety, codependency, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, eating disorders and love addiction. An engaging speaker, all of Dwayna’s 50 Tips shift the quest of finding romance with a man to first discovering how to become at peace from within. Litz promises any woman that when she learns to like and approve of the woman she is and realizes what it means to be true to herself as her own best friend, God's love alone can be enough for happiness. Dwayna speaks and sings to challenge women of all walks of life to be all they can be.

More information about Dwayna Litz can be found on her web site at

Dwayna’s songs can also be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud and  YouTube.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

My Book at eWomen's Event in Nashville

Every woman who attended the international eWomen event in Nashville last week got a copy of my book, 'Happiness No Man Required--50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man,' and they got my latest CD, too. 

Being part of this international women's conference was an honor for me!

I hope every woman who reads my tips can know her worth and feel God's love for her!


Monday, March 28, 2022

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Girls who have been Trafficked and Christian based rehab centers for women

 Here's to finding true love, beginning with God's true love for us! It does not take anyone else for a woman to know her worth in order to have a fulfilling life. My book 'Happiness No Man Required' is not at all against good men or against true love. It is about not settling for less.

My book Happiness No Man Required--50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man has now been sent to teens and young women who have been trafficked in FL and Chicago and to more crisis pregnancy centers here in FL. It will hopefully soon be used at a Christian-based rehab home for women who are battling anorexia and eating disorders.

I just got a new testimonial from a beautiful woman who read my book. I am sharing it with her permission:

“It is truly as though you read my mind somehow. I’ve been working through it slowly so as the tips have time to sort of ‘marinate’ with me while I slowly take in the stories and info. Some of your wisdom really supports something that I’ve been going through for a couple of years now that I’d been getting a little anxious over. What I’m talking about specifically is my abstinence from any physical/emotional intimacy with men since 2019. Since I am only 31, I started wondering if I was being too picky or too much of a prude, regarding giving myself to any of the men who have come my way. After reading the info about the 90day detox from oxytocin, I feel completely supported in my listening to my ‘gut’ and not having settled for any of the contenders I knew weren’t right for me. There have even been a few instances over the last couple of years wherein God intervened and insured I did not impulsively make a decision and wind up attached to someone my heart knew wasn’t right for me. I have always been protective of my heart, and it has led to a fuller, truer love for myself that I believe still needs development before I find myself seeking wholeness in a relationship. Here’s to being all I need, and ultimately having much more to offer someone else!”

Now that more of life is opening up, I am waiting to hear back from a crisis pregnancy center in the greater Sarasota area and home for unwed mothers that may give me the pleasure of sharing my tips for women in person with them. All of this is in partnership with my nonprofit, Lighting the Way. All proceeds go to my nonprofit, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and .