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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Testimonial on my Book for Women

I am so thankful for this nice comment from Instagram, and I am posting it with permission:

“I had to share about this amazing woman we met up with at the 2018 National Down Syndrome Conference last month. Her current book is entitled ‘Happiness - No Man Required.’ It might seem strange for a happily married woman to share out about this book, but I can tell you that I wish I’d had it in my twenties, after a series of “not-so-great” relationships. A wonderful read for any woman struggling with being single. Not only a gifted writer, there’s not much this woman doesn’t do! As a health coach, she helps others see the benefit of eating right and exercising. She runs her own non-profit, Lighting The Way, that works to help the needy internationally. A gifted singer, she’s recorded in a number of genres, including Jazz, Country, Pop and Christian music. Her book, and music, are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We loved meeting Dwayna and seeing her passion for the Down syndrome community. Wishing you more success and hope to see you again soon, Dwayna!”