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Sunday, June 10, 2018

More Testimonials

“…I’m so glad I bought your book—a real page turner! I’ve learned so much and forgiven myself of so many mistakes. Now I know how to better take care of myself in the future. Thanks for be so transparent.”  Elizabeth, Los Angeles

“Thank you, Dwayna, for how you’ve changed so many lives in the world, including mine. I love you. God really put you in my life for a reason!” Becky, Richmond

“A great read for anyone, married or single. I’m married, and Dwayna’s tips helped me. Anyone who reads it will benefit.” Elaine, NYC

“I read your book in one sitting. I could not put it down.” Mitzi, Palm Beach

“You were writing my story!” Paige, Knoxville

“The tips work. The homework is life-changing.” Mindy, Charlotte

“I had to write to tell you what your book has meant to my life. I have always been a magnet for problem men. Now I have a plan to take care of myself.” Karen, Dallas

“I’ve recommended your book to my friends in NYC.” Nina, NYC

"Life changing hope" Nitzia, Atlanta